St Andrew’s therapy clinics are part of St Andrew’s Healthcare.

St Andrew’s Healthcare is the UK’s leading mental healthcare charity, providing specialist mental healthcare for patients with the most complex, challenging mental health needs in the UK.

We help men, women, children and adolescents who have complex mental illnesses, neuropsychological conditions, such as acquired brain injuries, dementia and Huntington’s disease), autistic spectrum disorders and learning disabilities.

St Andrew's as a charity

We're proud of our rich heritage in the provision of mental healthcare. Our history as a charity began in 1838 with the opening of our hospital in Northampton.

Our years of experience and understanding of people’s mental health needs mean that we are able to offer services to the community through our private therapy outpatient clinics.


Our strategy and values

Our corporate vision is ‘’transforming lives by building world-class mental healthcare services’’.

We’ll achieve our vision by delivering world-class, holistic care, developing innovative therapies and treatments, and putting people first to prioritise safety and recovery.